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Mick Spinks - Owner/ Head Coach at Double Dragon Martial Arts Gym
"I first met Nick when he was studying to be a chiropractor.  Nick hasn’t changed much at all, he is still a gentleman with a passion and determination to help people with his chosen profession as a chiropractor. As a professional martial arts instructor approaching 60 years old Nick has helped to keep my body aligned for 15+ years now and I have certainly given him a few challenges in that time. Thank you Nick Greene for being Nick Greene."


Bulldogs players after winning the Grand Final

Steve Price - NRL Player, QLD and Australia representative player
One of the reasons for my longevity was the lesson I learnt at an early age of the importance of maintaining your body as best as possible.  Part of this was staying aligned after each match. I was able to achieve this when Nick was employed by the club to fill in for our full time Chiro in 1998 and I was so impressed by the wonders he did for me and his professionalism that I organised to see him more regularly.  I visited Nick almost weekly for a total of 5 years when I was at the Bulldogs and I still get an adjustment if I am in Sydney whether I’m there with the Warriors, Queensland or Australia.

His ability to identify and adjust any issues you think you have and even ones you are not aware of is something I believe he is the best I have come across in his field.  I rate him that highly that I have referred plenty of my team mates and many of them experienced a reduction in their pain and injuries. It is not only important for my football career but I want my body to be in the best possible condition both during and after my career. Nick makes all his patients feel very special and relaxed, and explains information in terms that are easy to understand.


Kathy McDonald - long time patient
In 2000 I seemed to be extremely tired for a couple of months. One Saturday I had a nap and awoke 45 minutes later with blurred eyesight in my left eye. Over the next few days this continued and I then developed pain behind my right eye. I went to the optometrist who referred me to the ophthalmologist. Having found no reason for this he referred me to a neurologist. Having had 3 MRIs, a CT and numerous other tests, they all said to me “hmmm, that’s very interesting, I wonder what’s wrong with you” but could offer no reason or treatment for this. I gradually lost feeling down my face to my chest of the left side. I then went to see my surgeon who had removed a tumour from my left parotid gland in 1991 to see if this was the cause. He said no it wasn’t. All during this time I got more and more exhausted.

In October my doctor suggested I go to Greene Chiropractic as they dealt in cranial issues. It was a long drive for me as I live in Avalon Beach, but I was willing to drive that far if it helped me get better. I was assessed by Nick and he came up with a plan of treatment. Initially I went every week for about a month. After a month, I was feeling much better and my vision was improved and the pain and numbness was diminished. I then went to fortnightly visits gradually going once a month. Today I am healthy, my vision is fine and I am pain free. I continue to visit once a month and feel this keeps me balanced and well.

I am eternally grateful to Nick and his staff for taking such good care of me these last 9 years. I shudder to think what my quality of life would have been like if I had not found them.


Therese Audibert - Pilates Instructor
I first came to see Nick Greene almost six years ago just after having my first baby. I had chronic neck and lower back pain as a result of car accidents and my symptoms were a lot worse due to my pregnancy.

Prior to seeing Nick I had been to lots of medical practitioners, many of whom had told me that I had chronic pain and that all I could do was learn to live with it. Consequently, I had virtually given up hope of getting through day-to-day activities without pain.

However, from the beginning Nick was different and, on meeting him, I felt very comfortable because of his welcoming, positive and empathetic manner. He took the time to understand my history and discuss what had and hadn't worked for me in the past. In so doing, he made it easy for me to trust him and not be fearful that he would cause my injuries to flare up.

In fact, the most remarkable things about Nick were his genuine care and interest in me as a person and his holistic approach which meant he looked after my emotional well-being just as much as my physical well-being.

That said, Nick has always been realistic about what he could offer and has not given me false hope of becoming 'pain free'. However he has recommended a combination of treatments that have worked for me and he has helped me to accept my injuries and learn how to best manage them. Consequently, through Nick's commitment, patience and professional care my pain levels rapidly decreased from the outset and I can now read my own body better and know what things I can do to help myself.

Over the years I have referred many friends, family and clients to Nick. The most common feedback is that he is much more than just a chiropractor! Nick is genuine in his commitment and care to improving the quality of your life.

I'm extremely thankful for all the care and kindness that Nick has shown me. I thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants a truly professional and adept chiropractor.


Tina Boylan - Owner/Director of Axis Pilates Surry Hills
Nick Greene is without a doubt the best chiropractor I know. Having worked  with him over a period of 3 years he consistently stands out as a professional whose high standards of care and practice inspire others around him.

The way in which Nick helps people who are in chronic pain and with difficult to manage injuries is truly a gift. As a Pilates teacher I would refer clients who needed chiropractic work to Nick. The results he would achieve with them were fantastic. Some of the clients I sent to him were “difficult” in the sense that they had been going around in circles with other practitioners who were not able to help them. Often they would be frustrated and fed up and ready to give up. Nick would carefully manage these patients back to health working very gently with those who were sensitive or apprehensive. In many cases Nick was the only person who was able to help. I believe his success as a chiropractor is due to his holistic approach which is threefold; He considers all aspects of an individuals situation before treating them and refers them to other professionals when necessary; Academically he keeps up to date with new learning and developments; And thirdly his personality is naturally supportive and incredibly caring.

If you are considering going to Nick for treatment, know that you will be getting cared for by  the best. It is unfortunate that due to moving into the city I am no longer working with Nick. I can not recommend him highly enough.