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Chiropractor Jennifer Curzon


Jennifer Curzon


Graduated from Macquarie University in 1993 with a Masters Degree in Chiropractic.


She worked for two years in Willoughby for Leslie Wetherdon and then spent three years working and traveling in England and America. During those three years she was able to do a lot of additional study, especially in the area of headache and migraine treatment.


It was during this time that Jennifer and Nicholas where introduced to Chirodontics (the technique that combines chiropractic and dentistry) and the powerful benefits it could have for headache and migraine suffers.


Jennifer and Nicholas then returned to Australia in May 1998 and opened the clinic in Sutherland in October 1998. The clinic was set up from scratch and has been built on quality care and word of mouth referrals.


Jennifer has a passion for treating pregnant women and children, and has attended numerous seminars on the topic. Jennifer also specializes in the treatment and management of migraine and head pain cases through the use of various cranial techniques.