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23 Oct 2009 - 00:03 by Greene Chiropractic
Brad and Tom Farrell Update

As most of you will remember we did a fund raising campaign for two disabled boys, Brad and Tom, last year.

Both brothers are suffering from a genetic disorder known as "Art's Syndrome". As a result they suffer from delayed mental development, they have severe weakness in their arms, legs and chest, and require a respirator to breath at night. Both boys are confined to wheelchairs, they are deaf without cochlear implants and they are vision impaired.

The aim was to raise $6000.00 to buy them a portable wheel chair lifter so that their parents did not have to carry them and their wheel chairs up and down the stairs in their apartment block. The fund raiser was a great success and we raised enough to pay for the wheel chair lifter and with the help of one of our patients, Rob Hewitt, we were able to save them another $1500.00 when Rob volunteered his time and skill to install the mechanical hoist in their apartment.

We contacted Sharon (mother of Brad and Tom) last month and she said the boys where going well and they wanted to thank all the people that donated money towards the wheel chair lifter as it has made an enormous difference to their lives.
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