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About Us
Nick Greene performing a treatment
Australian Rugby League players at Greene Chiropractic
Nick performing a treatment on a baby


The clinic was established in November 1998. Jennifer and Nick opened the clinic after they had returned from working in England. At the time they had been practicing for five years, three years in Australia and two years in England.


They decided to open their own clinic and set it up using the best of what they had seen around the world. Using a blend of old and new techniques, the clinic offers longer appointments, which allows your practitioner to look more deeply into patients problems and we choose to incorporate massage as we felt it provided better results.


The practice has been set up around four core principles to practice by and they remain the center of how the practice is run today. These core principles are as follows:

  1. Care for each patient as you would like to be cared for yourself.

  2. Service is the ultimate goal.

  3. Short term loss for long term gain.

  4. Commitment to truth above all else.

Over the years the clinic has developed professional relationships with various acupuncturists, naturopaths, dentists, doctors, physiotherapists and podiatrists. The use of a multi disciplinary approach means we are willing to work with and consult other practitioners in order to get the best possible results for you. And in some cases we will refer you to another type of practitioner to complement our approach to get the best overall result.